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Also Known As[edit | edit source]

  • Family name: Villiers and Schott
  • Mr. E. Villiers
  • Robert Edwin Villiers seems to have been called Mr. E. Villiers.
  • This is the entertainment-industry Mr. E. Villiers.
  • It seems likely that the Mr. E. Villiers, Liberal M.P., was part of the Earl of Clarendon's family.

Demographics[edit | edit source]

  • Nationality: he, British; she, from a well-known German family, born in Toronto

Residences[edit | edit source]

Robert Edwin Villiers[edit | edit source]

  • Constitutional Club (1901–3[1], at least)

Family[edit | edit source]

  • Robert Edwin Villiers (18 April 1830 – 29 April 1904)
  • Rosa Antoinette Schott (c. 1834 – 20 October 1918)
    1. Marie Therese Villiers (21 March 1857 – )
    2. Laura Fanny Woodhouse Villiers (5 May 1858 – )
    3. Edwin Adam Villiers (25 May 1859 – )
    4. Isaac Villiers (8 April 1863 – )

Relations[edit | edit source]

Rosa Antoinette Schott[edit | edit source]

  • Adam Joseph Schott (1794 – 4 August 1864)
  • Teresa Rosa Ziegler
    1. Number and sequence of children unknown
    2. Rosa Antoinette Schott
    3. Helena Schott

Acquaintances, Friends and Enemies[edit | edit source]

Organizations[edit | edit source]

Robert Edwin Villiers[edit | edit source]

  • Freemason, Royal Alfred Lodge (1863–1887)[2]

Timeline[edit | edit source]

1856 January 31, Rosa Antoinette Schott and Robert Edwin Villiers married.

1880 February 7, Rosa Antoinette Schott Villiers filed for divorce from Robert Edwin Villiers. The petition reads as follows:

The petition of Rosa Antoinette Villiers of the Royal Assembly Rooms Margate in the County of Hert


  1. That on or about the Thirty first day of January One thousand eight hundred and fifty six your Petitioner then Rosa Antoinette Schott Spinster was lawfully married to Robert Edwin Villiers at Warwick Street Chapel Regents Street in the County of Middlesex
  2. That after the said Marriage your Petitioner lived and cohabited with the said Robert Edwin Villiers at Cleveland Row Saint James in the County of Middlesex Park Village East Regents Park in the County of Middlesex The South London Music Hall London Road in the the County of Surrey, Isleworth in the County of Middlesex and at Margate in the County of Hert
  3. That there is surviving issue of the said Marriage four children and no more namely Marie Theresè born on the Twenty fifth day of March One thousand and eight hundred and fifty seven Laura Francis born on the fifth day of May One thousand eight hundred and fifty eight Edwin Adam born on the 25th day of November One thousand eight hundred and fifty nine and Isaac born on the eighth day of April One thousand eight hundred and sixty three
  4. That since the Month of December One thousand eight hundred and seventy eight the said Robert Edwin Villiers has habitually committed incestuous adultery with Helena Schott otherwise Ernstone the sister of your Petitioner at 50 Brixton Road in the County of Surrey
  5. [That there is no collusion or connivance between me this deponent [?] and the said Robert Edwin Villiers whatever

Sworn at 21 Great James Street Bedford Row in the County of Middlesex this Seventh day of February 1880

Before me

Wm. Moseley Taylor

A Commissioner to Administer Oaths in the Supreme Court of Judicature.

(#5 through Taylor's signature and identifier on a version of the petition included after the petition itself)]

Your Petitioner therefore humbly prays

That your Lordship will be pleased to decree that your Petitioner may be judicially separated from the said Robert Edwin Villiers and that he pay the Costs of and incident to this Petition and that your Petitioner have such other and further relief in the premises as to your Lordship seems meet

And your Petitioner will ever pray &c.

Rosa Villiers[3]

1885, Mr. E. Villiers was re-elected to the "directors" of the Royal General Theatrical Fund.[4] Also in 1885, The People reports that "Mr. E. Villiers laid the foundation-stone last week of the new music hall to be built on the site of the old London Pavilion."[5]

1893 October 12, Laura Fanny Woodhouse Villiers and Henry Kemp married.

1897 July 2, a Mr. E. Villiers attended the Duchess of Devonshire's fancy-dress ball, but this Mr. E. Villiers is likely not who attended.

Notes and Questions[edit | edit source]

  1. In 1887, Mr. E. Villiers — Robert Edwin Villiers for certain — was the manager of the limited company that ran the London Pavillion, a music hall.[6] A cartoon of Mr. E. Villiers — called "A Possibility. Mr. E. Villiers (Loquitur) "I should rather like to have a look-in there myself!" — appeared in the 5 September 1896 Entre-Acte, showing him outside the Boardroom looking in a door that is slightly open.[7]
  2. Robert Edwin Villiers isn't logical as the person who attended the ball; it doesn't seem as if he would have known many of the people there. but Robert Edwin Villiers seems to have been a member of the Constitutional Club, which he used as his address for the voting registry.[1] The Mr. E. Villiers who ran for office did that after Robert Edwin Villiers had died.
  3. Rosa Villier's father Adam Joseph Schott was born in Mainz and died in Pune (then called Poona). He was toward the end of his life bandmaster of the Grenadier Guards.[8]
  4. Mr. E. Villiers was a performer: comedian and actor, mostly, it seems. A supporting player at the Haymarket Theatre when Rosa Schott was a singer there.[9]
  5. Laura Villiers Kemp was also a performer.

Footnotes[edit | edit source]

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