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Sierra Leone-Cambridge

Name[edit | edit source]

This project needs a name !

Please add suggested names below[edit | edit source]

  • Sierra Leone- Cambridgeshire Global School Partnership
  • Moyamba-Cambridgeshire Global School Partnership
  • Moyamba-Cambridgeshire Partnership Cluster
  • Moyamba-Cambridgeshire Connecting Classrooms
  • Global Learning/Moyamba-Cambridgeshire
  • Moyamba/Cambridgeshire ICT operation Classrooms

Linked schools[edit | edit source]

Moyamba Cambridge
/June Hartranft Memorial Primary School /Queen Edith Primary School
/United Methodist Church School /Hinchingbrooke School
/Kulafai Rashideen Primary School /Parkside Federation Academies
/Kulafai Rashideen Secondary School /Sawtry Community College
/Sierra Leone Church Primary School (S.L.C) /St. Paul's C of E Primary School
/St.Joseph Primary School /Little Paxton Primary School
/ICS Primary School /Wisbech Grammar School
Portloko Cambridge
/Hope Pre-Primary School
/Pure Life Academy
/The Word Of Life Comprehensive Junior Secondary School
/Calgary Pre-Primary School
/St. Augustine Secondary School

Other Groups[edit | edit source]

England[edit | edit source]

Sierra Leone[edit | edit source]

International[edit | edit source]

  • British Council

Curriculum Projects planned[edit | edit source]

  • Global perspectives – part of Geog ks3 and 4 (iGCSE)
  • Psychology – conflict and war SoW
  • Geography – SoW on Olympics – Britain and SL – Olympic values
  • Y9 - Development disease poverty**
  • ICT

Resource pages[edit | edit source]

Participants[edit | edit source]