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Giving a lightning talk at the Education Preconference, Wikimedia 2014


These are the subjects I am teaching or have taught:

I also have taught

Global Learning projects[edit]

We are part of school link programmes with schools in

Learning Resources[edit]

  • School:Information technology/GCSE - resources for ICT GCSE - Edexcel. Used with a class of 30 students. The main problem was registering accounts and logging on. After 3 accounts were registered in lesson, we were unable to register any more. So students either shared a login or went in as unregistered and were logged under the IP. The lesson resulted in a large amount of vandalism and the schools IP was blocked for 3 days! This is a common problem for schools; the vandalism problem and the registering users problem are 2 issues that need to be looked into as I imagine most schools will have this if they use Wikis in lesson and I believe are distinct from university concerns as students will interact with and have access to the wiki very differently.
  • Spreadsheets - is the next lesson resource I intend to work on.


Report on NUT GERM Conference, May 2014