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Department News[edit | edit source]

  • 02-July-2008: Electric Circuit Analysis - Lectures
All lectures + 2 Quiz Test for Electric Circuit Analysis complete!!!. Please comment/edit.
  • 25-April-2008: Electric Circuit Analysis - Lectures
Four lectures + Quiz Test for Electric Circuit Analysis complete. Please comment/edit.
  • Aptititude/Orientation course completed! :-) 10/04/2008
Electrical & Electronic Engineering Entrance Test-like couse completed with quiestionaires on Maths, Physics & Chemistry, Please visit course home page for reviews, comments or critisism.
  • New Page Layout 03/04/2008
Face-lift on school done.
  • The Transistors 60th birthday 12/16/2007
On 16 December 1947, William Shockley, John Bardeen and Walter Brattain succeeded in building the first practical point-contact transistor at Bell Labs.
  • Info on new content 10/6/2007
Remember cut copy and paste from wikipedia is not the point of wikiversity, but it is a good source for info provided you retrace wikipedias sources. Instead try to find better ways to present data to someone who has no knowledge as we are creating a teaching tool more like a textbook or lesson plan than a desk reference. Adding guides labs and assignments to help someone learn also helps. Remember writing the lessons and classes and pages is also a learning experience in its self trying to word things so people of different learning styles all can learn easy. Thanks for contributing.
  • Page Layout 10/3/2007
Trying out little different layout as the page was getting way too long.Other ideas once we have Department description and Department vision and mission finished they could go on top inside the right hand purple column and the left and right purple columns could switch.
  • Class name proposal 10/1/2007
Theres been several discussions on how the pages should be named and theres one under the discussion tab
  • Several months ago - Department founded!

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