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Welcome to the Electrical/Electronics Engineering Orientation course (EE-PRE). You are probably very keen to kick-start your career in becoming an Electrical/Electronics Engineer. In that case, you have chosen to start at the right place—orientation! This course is here to help you evaluate yourself in preparation to entering the most important field in industry... Engineering.

The Aptitude Test Background[edit | edit source]

The aptitude tests in this course are not meant to select or classify the best or most talented prospective students, but simply to guide such in self-evaluation in your preparation to undertake Engineering studies, and your maturity and potential to grasp first-year Engineering course content. Engineering studies like the Engineering profession are very demanding, hence the need for students to be properly orientated and prepared for such challenges.

Prerequisites[edit | edit source]

This course assumes that students have passed their senior secondary/high school and have required courses or equivalent courses for admission into any university or college of Engineering. The following high school courses are recommended:

Study Aids[edit | edit source]

The following pointers will help you in assessing yourself more efficiently. Be honest and you will get more out of this course!

  • Use of calculators is not allowed unless stated
  • Formula sheets are not encouraged

Engineering Aptitude Tests[edit | edit source]

Educational level: this is a tertiary (university) resource.
Completion status: Ready for testing by learners and teachers. Please begin!
  1. Algebra and Precalculus
  2. Geometry and Data Representation
  3. Physics Science Laws
  4. Chemical Science Processes

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