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Please Note[edit source]

This is the Talk page for discussing Electrical Engineering Orientation course

Please join the threads below by beginning your reply with a colon (:) (or colons ::) and sign your comments using four tildes ( ~ ). Start a new thread by clicking the + tab above, supplying a meaningful heading.

This page is used for general discussion of Electrical Engineering Orientation.

Constructive critisism is encouraged and abusive speech not allowed in this talk page. It is the wish of all sincere participants of this school to see growth and development... so go a head and BE BRAVE.

Active Participants Enlist Here

[edit source]

  • Thuvack (Jnr Consulting Electrical Engineer)
  • ....

  • ...
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Course Wish List

[edit source]

This is a course wish list. This course has a potential to grow. You can add to this wish list as well.

  • Make course a General Engineering Aptitude/Entrance course
  • Questions marked for engineering field identities i,e Each question related or proves inclination to a particular engineering field.
  • student gets a field recommendation after attempting questionaires.
  • Automated capturing of quiz results/score with user/student name to course home page.
  • Guided tours to each engineering field according to questionaire result/recommendation.
  • ....
Tips & tricks Messages

[edit source]

Course discussions

HELP![edit source]

Editors required to come up with model multiple choice questions. Help very welcome.Page links have been created, just follow the link to the speciefic page and start writting!
Thuvack 09:34, 30 March 2007 (UTC)

Course finished, please review, help etc. - Thuvack 10:58, 10 April 2008 (UTC)

Suggessions and comments:[edit source]

Jot your suggessions or comments here.