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Introduction to Regional Anatomy - Lesson 6

The Regions of the Human Body

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Introduction to Regional Anatomy
Lesson: Lesson 6
Level: Undergraduate
Suggested Prerequisites: no prerequisites
Time Investment: 5mins
Assessment Methods: Quiz
Portal: Science
School: Biology/Medicine
Division: Anatomy
Department: Regional Anatomy
Lesson Coordinator: =Benjamin= (talk)

Reading:[edit | edit source]

Anatomists have divided the body into several regions. These regions help localize disease names, surgeries, and have other medical implications.

The following are the general regions of the body. They will be covered in detail later:

Regions of the Human Body and What They Pertain To
Abdominal Abdomen region.
Antebrachial Forearm
Axillary Armpit
Brachial Arm
Cephalic Head
Cervical Neck
Crural Anterior leg
Femoral Thigh
Gluteal Buttocks
Inguinal Groin
Lumbar Lower back
Manual Hand
Pedal Foot
Pelvic Pelvis
Pubic Pelvis area; more specifically the area around the genitals
Sural Back of the leg,
Thoracic Chest

Quiz:[edit | edit source]

1 The _______ artery supplies blood to the armpit region.


2 The heart is contained in the ________ region.


3 Antebrachial pertains to the anterior portion of the leg.


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