Regional Anatomy

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Welcome to Introduction to Regional Anatomy

In this course we will be exploring the basics of regional anatomy, and building a foundational understanding of the anatomical lexicon. This course has been divided into four lessons, each taking up to thirty minutes each. You will find a Learning Summary Sidebar on the right side of each lesson. This sidebar contains useful information about prerequisites, estimated time requirements, method of assessment and level of the course. At the end of each lesson there will be a quiz to test your knowledge. This course is designed for students without prior learning in regional anatomy. If you have a strong foundation in regional anatomy you may not find this course useful.

Lesson List

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Lesson 1

An introduction to the anatomical position of the human body

Lesson 2

An introduction to the planes of the human body

Lesson 3

An introduction to the terms of relationship and comparison in the human body

Lesson 4

An introduction to the movements of the human body

Lesson 5

An introduction to the facial compartments and potential spaces of the human body

Lesson 6

An introduction to the regions of the human body

Lesson 7

An introduction to the systems of the human body relating to regional anatomy

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