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This show was first broadcast on January 18, 2008. Audio downloads and a transcript are available on this website:

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Biofuel the Best Bet?[edit | edit source]

Biofuels are controversial because they use the same resources as the human food supply.

A Spoonful of CAFÉ[edit | edit source]

Corporate Average Fuel Economy regulations in the United States.

Waste Not....Here[edit | edit source]

Yucca Mountain (radioactive waste storage site)

Cloned Little Piggies Going to Market?[edit | edit source]

Meat from cloned animals.

From Toilet to Tap[edit | edit source]

Recycled drinking water.

Water Calculator[edit | edit source]

Water use calculator.

Geophonic Works[edit | edit source]

Cool Fix For a Hot Planet[edit | edit source]

Tips for reducing your carbon footprint and conserving water.

Wireless Science[edit | edit source]

EarthEar (sounds of a rainstorm)[edit | edit source]