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Message from Robert Elliott[edit source]

7 New Sections
Under the Institute of Film and Television, I have created separate sections for Narrative Motion Picture Production (which includes film and video) and for 6 other areas. If this is not enough, please let me know. (Tell me what classes you will be offering in your proposed section.) I will be adding 30 educational lessons for begining film students in Narrative Film Production. Most lessons will be high school level or first-year college film student level. Robert Elliott 14:56, 9 October 2006 (UTC)

Television Studio Production[edit source]

I'm thinking of starting a course for Television Studio production (either live, live-to-tape with B-roll added later, or live-to-tape). If anyone is interested in helping, please contact me via my talk page. I cannot do this on my own as I am currently a full time student while working at a TV station and simply do not have the time. Also, I think we should create a section for 'getting to know your equipment' or something similar (maybe one for TV, one for film and have some objects crossreferenced) so that students understand just what difference devices do and how they would be chained together in a typical studio. --Tonsofpcs 20:36, 23 January 2007 (UTC)

Virtual Wikimania[edit source]

The Wikiversity School of Media Studies is planning to get Wikiversity involved in producing a "Virtual Wikimania" from Taipei via a "Wikiversity kiosk" located at the main event. Some of the participating content development groups are:

If you know of people, companies or groups that could help out, please let us know at Talk:Wikimania 2007. Thanks in advance for your input! CQ 17:45, 22 April 2007 (UTC)