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Our interest in Tektology is not about reverence for historic texts, but rather how we might better understand contemporary needs for the better organisation of knowledge.
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Lynn Mally is Professor Emerita of History at the University of California, Irvine.

Podcast by Lynn Mmally and Bradley Tuck, Exploding Appendix

This was a session of the Exploding Appendix Avant-garde Art Practice and Research Group held on 18 May 2021

Lynn Mally's books are:

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Key texts

Alexander Bogdanov wrote a number of texts where he outlined his concept of Tektology as a science of organisation:

  • Essays in Tektolgy translated by George Gorelick, (1980) Seaside, California:Intersystems Publications
These first appeared as a series of articles Очерки организационной науки (Essays in Organisation Science) Proletarskaya Kul'tura, a journal published by Proletkult:
Proletarskaya Kul'tura No.7-8, April–May, 1919 (1919) pp 8-29
Proletarskaya Kul'tura No.9-10, June–July, 1919 (1919) pp 5-20
Proletarskaya Kul'tura No.11-12, December, 1919 (1919) pp 10-26
Proletarskaya Kul'tura No.13-14, January-March, 1920 (1920) pp 16-42
Proletarskaya Kul'tura No.15-16, April-July, 1920 (1920) pp 6-38
Proletarskaya Kul'tura No.17-19, August-December, 1920 (1920) pp 6-32
Proletarskaya Kul'tura No.20-21, January-June, 1921 (1921) pp 4-19
They were subsequently published together in a single volume: Очерки организационной науки (Essays in Organisational Science) Samara
Selected research

The Bogdanov-Sultan Galiev Connection

Sultan Galiev with members of the Soviet of Nationalities circa 1920

Tektology and Sociology of the Arts

Contemporary reflections:

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3pm Tuesday 15 February, 2022

Following the successful Launch on 20th Jan 2022 we are holding the Introduction session.

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