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Busy with[edit | edit source]

  • Gaming Framework for Social Entrepreneurship - development and piloting. Contact ... Thiru.
    • Ultimately this led to EVOKE which was replicated in at least one Latin American country[1].
  • Issue Tracker
  • Discussion on Curriculum Development (on-going, comment welcome any time).

Past Activities[edit | edit source]

Setting our objectives and modus operandum[edit | edit source]

The table below indicates areas for discussion.

Issues Note Core Team Input
Network Structure Please provide thoughts on how organizational structure of the network could be structured. See Networking tab.
Network Communications Strategy Please provide input on how network members will meet, communicate and share information
Vision Statement Please provide a succinct statement on the vision for the network See the About page and its corresponding 'discussion' tab.
Mission Statement Please provide succinct statement on mission of the network See the document linked to under Historical Notes
Partnerships Include any other networks or partners who should be invited to join the national network See Networking tab.
Collaborative Framework comments Provide any comments on structure and functions of draft TOR for collaborative framework including functionality not explicitly details in TOR See notes on the SSE Meeting of 20080807.
Other comments Provide any other comments or agenda items to discuss for face to face meeting.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. See for example EVOKE - the World Bank's online educational game