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Things which need to be done (and you can help :-):

Once-off Tasks

[edit | edit source]
  • Reformulate, redesign and restructure the portal to encourage a community to grow organically (the original participants have moved on to other things).
  • Fix the named navigation templates to not take parameters.
    • i.e. redesign the full page intro template (for example) to take a parameter which represents a combination of themes for the various boxes on an intro page.
  • Develop an initial curriculum.
  • Sort out the FAQ.
  • Design and upload a diagram equivalent to one in the .pdf of the Introduction to Community-Based Learning.
  • Consolidate the Resources for Educators. K 08:17, 18 September 2008 (UTC)
  • Design templates for a consistent look and feel
    • Make these customisable (themed) and
      • easy for non-technical people to edit.
  • Extend and document the list of images. Rather call them icons and start a new one for images if needed.
  • Apply the bwes templates across the site.
    • Check the less used templates - Template:Three Box Section, Template:Two Box Section TW, Template:One Box Section and variations. Are they still needed?
      • They have some advantages ...
  • Try to eliminate the need for redirects - check discussion pages.
  • Apply the Activity templates and restructure to use Activity lists, summaries and sheets.
    • First adapt it to offer Simple Activity and Comprehensive.
  • Page generators for Intro and variations on Activities, etc.

On-going/ repeat actions

[edit | edit source]
  • Check that pages are correctly categorised.
  • Populate the Issue Tracker.
  • Check that pages are correctly categorised.
  • Browse the site and comment on the "discussion" pages.
  • Simplify the tasks for first time users
    • Remove the requirement for table editing for first time users (e.g. when first adding an organisation etc.).
      • Done - mostly - but check from time to time for improvements -- Kim 18:53, 19 May 2008 (UTC)
        • (check game quests)
      • The tabulated pages might still be useful - move them somewhere ....
  • Check hierarchies - e.g. learning resources should generally not be in the Portal:Social Entrepreneurship hierarchy (and not in the Portal: namespace).
  • Check links - and populate internal links to required modules - at least to some existing resource/module out there.
  • Set this page's subheadings to match the [[[Portal:Social_entrepreneurship/Guidelines_for_Editors/List_of_Categories#Themes|theme|categories]]].
  • When people add links to the front page, check that the link is also added to the associated /more page.

See Also

[edit | edit source]

Module Intro Page

[edit | edit source]
  • Make a full page intro template based on Template:SSE Full Page Intro (or modifying it) to work without subst (done). This will become a fixed page layout using default themes for the standard boxes.
    • Remember to add a 'project boxes' parameter.
    • Check what happens with the generated name for the navigator. Think about the relative links to /Activities, /Resources, etc. Name via:
      • {{{{{PAGENAME}}} Nav}}
      • {{{{{title}}} Nav}}
      • {{{{{FULLPAGENAME}}} Nav}}, or
      • ... does it matter? Is it possible to get a handle to the containing page?
    • Almost done:
      • Ensure default themes are applied for the non-subst option.
        • Think about themes (e.g. 'sandy' --> colours for box theme attributes).
          • i.e. send one theme name down which supplies attributes for all the boxes.
        • Using subst results in a more flexible editable page. Currently, without subst, the generated page has fixed themes. Need to check that these are consistently applied. This should only involve editing the template code within this template (but need to check). Kim 21:05, 21 December 2008 (UTC)
    • Check for name space issues - navigator generation and between 'edit pages' included and links to them from 'edit' in box header.
    • All done via Template:Module Intro Page