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Resources and Processes for Social Entrepreneurship

covering the entire process from idea generation to fruition

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Where are we going with this?

A range of approaches can be used for managing a project (/programme/ initiative/ etc.) depending on the nature of the project, its size, the number of people involved (project team, interested and affected parties, and stakeholders), time pressures, extent of impact, etc., ....

These factors also determine the types of resources needed.

This module provides a broad overview methodologies - enough to help you decide what approaches to use and how to modify them for your particular situation - and approaches to raising funds, finding resources to implement an idea, organisational processes and resource management.


Recommended preparation

Revisit the case studies and find out how they were resourced.

How do the other social entrepreneurs go about it?


Growth Opportunities

Include ...

Awareness and some experience of

  • organisational management approaches
  • project management methodologies
  • problem structuring
  • planning
  • fund raising
  • proposal development
  • relationship management
  • etc.

Broadening your knowledge of these things and actually using/practicing some of them will grow your confidence and willingness to help and inspire others.


Getting there

Make a checklist of types of resources one might need in a social entrepreneurship project. State how you would acquire these resources. During the module, update your list with new resource types and strategies.


Next step

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