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This page has been created to give you advice on how to contribute to this archive.

This help has been broken down into different elements:

Editing on Mediawiki (the programme which runs the archive)

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Please look at Wikiversity:Introduction, which provides a general introduction to Wikiversity and some instructional material about how to make edits, create pages etc.

Starting a new page

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There are several ways to start a new page. The easiest is to just type a new page title in the text input line at the bottom of the box, below, click "Create article", and start writing.

Short Cut

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Creating an empty page
Here is a shortcut. Simply type the name of the page you want to create in the box below.
If you selected a name which is not being used, you will see a blank window where you can begin typing your page.
Creating the link to your new page
To create a link to your new page from another page, type [[the name of your page]] or [[the name of your page | a nice description of your page]].
Plan ahead
Page names are extremely important at Wikiversity and un-doing mistakes can take time (if you are not used to the wikicode). It's always a good idea to do a little homework first.

When you decide to contribute a game or simulation to ASGELE, you will need to create a new page. You should think about what would be an appropriate name:

  1. It uses (game) or (simulation) in teh title so that everyone immediately knows what sort of page it is.
  2. It provides a summary which explains the resource in a nutshell
  3. It gives information about what resources are required to run the simulation
  • Print and play i.e. there are pdfs which can be download
  • Game length is estimated at 1 hour
  • There are three sides to the simulation which works best when each side consists of a team which can discuss the issues amongst itself
  • Consider what information you would need when considering to run game of simulation in a class.
  • Jot down those questions. These are the questions which would be useful to answer, as newcomers to your game or simulation will be asking themselves these questions themselves
  • Make sure you include any special information which would help a teacher quickly determine whetehr this is a suitable resource for their teaching situation.

Using the ASGELE template

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The summary information to the right of the page is called an "infobox". It can be created by cutting and pasting the template shown below. All you need to do then is type in information following the "=" sign. Do not worry if you leave a field blank - it simply will not appear in the infobox.

{{Infobox ASGELE
|Image =
|Image caption =
|Designer =
|Date =
|Topic =
|Organisation =
|Availability = 
|Preparation =
|Time =
|No. of roles/players =

Example: Red Herrings (simulation)

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Go back to Red Herrings (simulation) and click on the edit button the top. You will then see the completed infobox template at the top of the edit box:

{{Infobox ASGELE
|Image = [[File:Faroe stamp 423 blue whiting.jpg|100px]]
|Image caption = Faroe Islands Stamp commemorating 100 years of the [[W:International Council for the Exploration of the Sea|ICES]], 2002
|Designer = [http://www.westminster.ac.uk/schools/humanities/politics-and-international-relations/people/staff/griffin,-liza Liza Griffin]
|Date =
|Topic = Common Fisheries Policy
|Organisation = [[University of Westminster]]
|Preparation = Print & Play
|Time = 1 hour
|No. of roles/players = 3 players but better with teams of players
[edit | edit source]

If you would like to embed links to yourself as author, you can use an interwiki link to your Userpage

  • Interwiki Links to other Wikiversity or Wikimmedia pages
  • External links can be included in the Infobox. However do not worry if you do not have all this information available.

You should create links to the new page from related pages. Creating a link to a page is another way to create a new page. New pages can also be started by following a link to a non-existent page, which likewise opens the edit page. See Starting a page through the URL below.

Uploading Images and pdfs to Wikiversity

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Please see Uploading files for the general help page about uploading.

Things to think about when making a contribution

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