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Featured learning resources

Courses in Filmmaking →
Course #1:
Basic filmmaking (pre-production) Mplayer.svg
Course #2:
Practical narrative film editing Crystal Clear mimetype video.png
Course #3:
Film scoring for dramatic scenes Crystal Clear app knotify.png
Script writing for high school dramas Oxygen480-categories-applications-office.svg
Poser / DAZ Studio animation EmotiBase-smile down 000.png

Learning resources about Narrative Film Production are organized into a series of course and lessons.

Lessons in Basic Filmmaking Course
Lesson: Formatting the Script Oxygen480-categories-applications-office.svg
Pop Quiz: Pop Quiz - What is the first shot? Crystal Clear app clock.svg
Lesson: Creating the thumbnail storyboards Crystal Clear app gimp (vector).svg
Lesson: Creating the 3D storyboards Crystal Clear app Login Manager.png
Free disk: A simple DVD-Video Editing Workshop Oxygen480-devices-media-optical.svg
Lesson: Learning about camera lenses Breathe-camera-video.svg
Lesson: Record the dialog for the animatic Crystal Clear app krec.png
Lesson: Intro to narrative filmmaking Clapboard.svg
Lesson: Draw the movie poster for "Star Wars" Crystal128-kcoloredit.svg
Lesson: Understanding dailies Clapboard.svg
Lesson: Create a matte painting Crystal128-kcoloredit.svg
Lesson: Understanding editing Clapboard.svg
Pop Quiz: Pop Quiz - Creating the moods (film scoring) Crystal Clear app clock.svg
Lesson: Understanding "L-Cuts" Clapboard.svg
Lesson: Create the animatic Clapboard.svg

Selected image

Wikiversity Reports video podcasts.
Report #1: Project launch.

Report #1.m4a <-- podcast format requires QuickTime

Ogg video format --> Report #1.ogg (Help with Ogg video file play.)

See also: 3 September 2006 – Written report from the English language Wikiversity

Featured research project

One Laptop Per Teacher by Ian Kennedy, Delia Pass and Roxan Cadir. A paper about co-operative research on in-service technological training of teachers. Teachers as lifelong learners who embrace technology.

Media news

Legal author uses wiki to help write book - "Justin Patten has set up a wiki to help him write a book about blogging and social media."

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Featured learning projects

Animatic Dialog Recording, Audacity, Basic Filmmaking for High School Drama Departments, Filmmaking, Free Software Foundation, Fundamentals of narrative film editing, Game Maker, Getting started with GarageBand, Great Debates in Media Literacy, History of Film, Internet Publication, Introduction to GarageBand, Learning the Basics of Filmmaking, Media literacy, Micro-Radio, One Laptop Per Teacher, Podcasting, Publishing in the 17th century, Skype, Software Freedom, Stellarium, Studies in Film Directors, Wikiversity Podcasts, Wikiversity the Movie, Wikiversity:Reports