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Welcome to the Brythonic Staff section

This is where the Staff of the Brythonic Celtic Languages Division are named, by department.

Please note: These lists are only temporary, once enough people are in the sections, the places will be reshuffled to a more appropriate order

The Cornish Department

Teachers of Cornish


The Welsh Department

Teachers of Welsh


The Breton Department

Teachers of Breton

               *Joshtyra: I have been studying and enjoying the Breton language for about 20 years. I don't speak it as well as I would like to, but I can read and write it proficiently. I am currently involved with proofreading and editing the Breton translation of an English-language novel for a forthcoming second edition.

The Jobs


The Job is to make a lesson (on paper or PC) then make the lesson page.
These should be able to speak the Language quite well, well enough for the standard of teaching.


If you wish to join the Staff teams, add yourself to the list ion the appropriate spot, but place your name and what you can do in (writing)
For Example
TheElvenLord: I think I will make a good teacher of Cornish because I love teaching, I can speak Cornish relatively well, I would like to help other people to learn this quite rare language.