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Areas of Inquiry[edit | edit source]

Anthropology[edit | edit source]

  • ...

Archaeology[edit | edit source]

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Economics and Game Theory[edit | edit source]

  • Games of Game Theory: A Catalog of games used in Game theory and analyses of their use and strategies.

History[edit | edit source]

A study of Chess is also relevant here.

Mathematics and Probability[edit | edit source]

Strategic Studies[edit | edit source]

  • The Universal Tactical Simulation: This project aims to develop a workable set of basic rules, that can be applied to any era of history or configuration of forces, for simulation of combat at a tactical (battlefield) level. The rules will, hopefully, be playable by students and have some degree of pedagogical utility. The project takes the human as the basic unit of analysis and attempts, as best as possible, to measure and predict a human's response to the difficulties experienced in combat. This may be accomplished by the use and analysis of smaller games specifically designed to fight single battles in history.
  • Universal Operational Simulation: Drawing from the experience of the Tactical Simulation, this project aims to make a hex-based operational simulation for the purposes of instruction. Like the Tactical Simulation, it will be useful to develop individual games with specific wars and/or eras as their subject, and then extrapolate common themes into a universal "base" of rules from which any other era or war may be extracted.
  • Strategic Simulations: This project attempts to create a set of workable rules for strategic level simulations. These games should be useful to higher-level students as a pedagogical tool and should be playable by large numbers of players. Each simulation is built to illustrate a certain angle of the study of strategy. When enough data and content is gathered, we may attempt to combine the individual simulations into a grand unified simulation of strategic level decision making.

Active Members[edit | edit source]

Interactive games[edit | edit source]