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Welcome to the Department of Board Game Design! Here we seek to create a collaborative learning environment for those interested in Game Design as a potential career path (or just a hobby)!


Parts of the Project

This project is divided into numerous areas of interest.

  • Game Creation Guidelines - An open document that will comprise a set of guidelines for the development of your own board game.
  • Pillars of Game Development - Those ideas considered important - if not essential - to designing a great game.
  • Game Mechanics - This part of the project is an attempt to organize and categorize the many types of game mechanics into an easily searchable reference. Hierarchical and subject-driven searches should be supported.
  • Board Game Design Templates - An effort to standardize basic Game Critique, Playtest Report, and Ruleset formats.
  • Game Critiques - A space for the critique and analysis of existing games, and a place for comments that will improve the community's understanding of game mechanics and design as a whole.
  • Games in Development - Where students post games or rules and seek critiques, advice, and playtesting.
  • Games Archive - Once past their playtesting, games can be left here for the enjoyment of the community at large.

Online Reading Material

Wikimedia Articles

Online Texts and Rulesets

Web Commentaries and Articles

Offline Reading Material


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The above book relates to Transactional Analysis - a counselling term - rather than board games...

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Commentaries and Articles