Pillars of Game Development

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Part of Board Game Design

Introduction[edit | edit source]

These are considered to be the essentials of board game design.

The Pillars[edit | edit source]

  • Parsimony - a game should be no more complex than it has to be
  • Excitement - there should be some inherent interest and excitement throughout the game
  • Simplicity - while the concept can be complex, the language of the rules should be very simple and straightforward
  • Replayability - players should not experience the same game twice
  • Beauty - a finished game should have a good look and feel
Much of a game lies in its beauty. Playing a game is an aesthetic experience - just like art, even if different - and it is propelled by our desire of beauty, expressed in the form of fun.
The "toys" should be therefore nice and adequate to the theme: we all know the difference between playing with plastic vs. metal car models or plastic vs. tissue dolls.