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An independent project of Agape World Fellowship

Agape World Fellowship School

The Agape World Fellowship School is a ministry of Agape World Fellowship focusing on providing biblically based and sound information to individuals interested in learning more about Christianity. Our programs merge Christian thought with some of the world's best practices and insights to develop solid Christian scholarship. Wikiversity will be used to host courses that are applicable to our programs, a first for a religious school.

All our course offerings are designed to be rigorous and equivalent to the level of instruction one would find at a seminary, without the "sticker shock" of books, tuition, and supplies. Courses are approved through a thorough process of review to ensure quality in material and instruction. This validates student efforts and serves as a visible witness of the academic rigor of our programs.

Course Offerings

These courses are offered in partnership with Agape World Fellowship and have been separated into two categories. Courses in the "approved" section have been reviewed by AWF leaders and formally approved by the AWF board. People who complete approved courses will receive credit towards the corresponding AWF program. Other courses are either awaiting approval or were developed by participants here for enrichment purposes.

Approved Courses

Enrichment Courses

Under Development

Requested Courses

  • Experiencing Christian Leadership
  • Financial Stewardship Seminar
  • Leadership Character
  • Leadership Skills
  • Pastoral Epistles 2
  • Pastoral Epistles 3
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Team Leadership
  • Types and Shadows
  • Visionary Leadership

Courses developed and taken here will be applicable towards the following certificate programs offered by Agape World Fellowship.

AWF/School News!

31 March 2010:Christian Leadership Program developed!
05 April 2010:Gospel of John finished!
22 April 2010:Mere Christianity finished!

School Task List
  • Review Christian Leadership Program
  • Review Gospel of John
  • Review Mere Christianity
  • Review Developing Discernment
  • Approve Christian Leadership Program
  • Approve Gospel of John
  • Approve Mere Christianity
  • Approve Developing Discernment
  • Begin Developing Discernment
  • Begin Pastoral Epistles 1
  • Finish Developing Discernment
  • Finish Pastoral Epistles 1
  • Begin Pastoral Epistles 2
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The faculty of the Agape World Fellowship School includes all those who instruct courses, mentor students, and serve as program/subject tutors. Instructors for approved courses are appointed by the School Director after consultation with AWF's Senior Pastor. Enrichment courses are taught by any competent volunteer. Mentors will usually be individuals who have volunteered to serve in this capacity. Tutors work with students within their respective program areas to assist in successful completion of School coursework.

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