1 Timothy (CCL)

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The Pastoral Epistles are three Pauline Epistles that specifically relate to leadership in the Church. This course is the first of a series of three on the Pastoral Epistles, which were designed to be taken consecutively. After course approval is complete, students will be able to use this series to fulfill a foundational requirement for School programs.

The text for this book is the First Epistle of Timothy from the Holy Bible. The Epistle, or letter, has been divided into four sections or units that will be studied over the next ten weeks. The only text necessary for this course is a copy of the Holy Bible, in any English translation with the exclusion of the New International Version (NIV). Bibles can often be located freely or inexpensively, but if a physical copy is a barrier, there is a link to the Geneva Study Bible in the Resources section. In addition, students can also use Matthew Henry's Commentaries on the Bible to enhance their understanding of relevant Scripture.

Anyone is welcome to follow along and read all the course material. Students are expected to be independent and willing to learn and listen with an open mind. You will also need to be proficient in the English language to succeed in this class, as all of the work is primarily written.

Course Outline[edit | edit source]

Unit I: Salutation[edit | edit source]

Unit II: Negative Instructions[edit | edit source]

Unit III: Positive Instructions[edit | edit source]

Unit IV: Personal Instructions[edit | edit source]

Resources[edit | edit source]