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A guide to improving content on Wikipedia.
A guide to contributing content to Wikipedia Commons.

Your task is to select one of the below Wikipedia articles and to develop or edit according to Wikipedia standards and guidelines. Your goal is to learn as much about the topic as possible, and to coordinate and evidence your learning through Wikipedia.

At minimum your article should include (i) an introduction to the instrument, test or clinical technique (ii) indications for use (iii) method of assessment or clinical technique and (iv) recording and/or interpreting the outcomes of the assessment or clinical technique. These will form the sections of your article but you may develop other relevant sections as required. You must utilize evidence throughout the article and reference these accordingly.

It is also expected that you will illustrate your page with an image or images and where possible other multi-media such as video. You will need to produce and upload your own images and videos to Wikimedia Commons and embed in the relevant Wikipedia article where you do not have rights to utilize existing material.

To assist with this assignment, you will find a guide to editing content in Wikipedia and how to contribute content to Wikipedia Commons on the right side of this page. See also the 'Help' section below for further assistance.


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Wikipedia is often discouraged as an academic resource due to the fear that information included lacks 'peer review' and may be inaccurate. However, Wikipedia continues to be one of the most widely used websites as it is a free and convenient source of information. This assignment is not only an opportunity for you to develop clinical skills but to also contribute in developing information for the web that is evidence based and to learn skills in becoming part of an online community that is able to review material and edit as required to improve information available to the community.

As you will note in the Wikipedia Guide, information in the encyclopedia needs to be verifiable, based on reliable published sources. You must include citations for the information you add. The most reliable sources are considered third-party sources with a reputation for fact-checking, including peer-reviewed academic journals and books published by academic presses. Do not forget to also search peer reviewed orthoptic journals located within the grey literature such as the Australian Orthoptic Journal. As per the Wikipedia guidelines, where possible, you should also be using sources that are represented by consensus.


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To complete this activity:

  1. Select the article and the team you will work with on LMS. This will be identical to the Wikipedia page you are developing, so you need only make your selection once.
  2. Create a Wikipedia account for yourself
  3. Introduce yourself and explain your intentions to the Wikipedia page's discussion page.
  4. Keep notes on your progress with this assignment on the discussion page
  5. Where possible, link your article to other related Wikipedia pages. Examples are available below for several articles.
  6. Ensure you have adequately covered the topic or improved the article by the due date of this assignment to share with peers.
  7. When complete link your page to the below relevant article (if not linked already)


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Ophthalmic Assessments

Orthoptic Assessments

Clinical Management

  • Prescribing optical magnification