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The Institute of Metadata Management has asked The Centre for School Leadership, Learning and Development to develop an annotated list of 10 or 15 open data initiatives, explaining how they work and include examples of where their data has been reused. We are aiming to collect information on a wide enough range of projects so as to report on problems of definition around the term "open data". This Wikiversity page documents our progress in this project, and we blog our progress here

Stage 1: Set up[edit | edit source]

Set up a Wikibook and a Wikiversity space for this project. The Wikiversity space is used planning and developments, the Wikibook will become the published product of the project. Our objective at this stage is to try and recruit interest from volunteers in these Wikimedia Foundation project communities, as well as engage critical friends, including the people editing the Wikipedia page on Open data, and begin forming an initial list of significant projects that are investigating, developing, undertaking and/or promoting ‘open data’ initiatives. Our initial thoughts are to include examples of open data initiatives in government, research institutes and independently run projects.

We ambitiously need to finish this stage by the end of May 2012, please add your suggestions to be included on the draft list, to the discussion page thread on this wiki, for stage 1.

Stage 2: Survey[edit | edit source]

Collect information on open data projects using this survey. Make the survey open access for anyone to enter information on a project. Follow up and check the information provided. Use this information to inform the development of a final list to include in a report. Design the survey so that it collects information that may be useful for other open data information services.

Stage 3: Final list[edit | edit source]

Seek feedback from representatives of each of the listed initiatives, to check if the information is accurate and fair. Try and collect interviews to add to the information about each of the initiatives.

Start developing graphics and layout for the Wikibook

This stage needs to be completed by mid September 2012

Stage 4: Report[edit | edit source]

Prepare a written report as a front cover to the Wikibook, and present the project to Meta2012. Include a video or audio recording of the presentation on the Wikibook.

Finish this stage by end of September.