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Here's the questionnaire as filled at Appropedia (site link):

General[edit | edit source]

What is the name of your organization/project?

Appropedia - sustainability wiki - though "thrivability wiki" is probably a better description of what we're doing.

When was the organization/project founded/formed?


Is it a corporation/not-for-profit/partnership/other?

Appropedia is a project being created by an online community.

The Appropedia Foundation, the organization that was created to support the wiki and the community, is a California-based 501c3 non-profit.

How large is the organization[edit | edit source]

How many active members in the group – regular contributions

Very hard to say. See the Recent Changes to get an idea of the range of contributors. At a guess, maybe no more than a dozen have a continuing regular involvement in the project.

How many others that are ‘peripherally’ involved or might have been involved in the past.

There are well over 1000 registered users - this gives a very rough idea. Some of the core contributors are academics who have their classes use the site.

Industry/Market[edit | edit source]

What industry/market segment do you occupy?

Green tech

What industry/market segments do you think contain organizations that might be interested in collaborating with your group?

Mission/Goals[edit | edit source]

- provides us with visibility into how you organization might be linked to others in the same/related market segments

What is your superordinate goal? The most inclusive statement of your larger vision?

What are some sub-goals that flow from this? Goals that relate to the larger goal in some way. List as many as make sense.

Needs/Resources:[edit | edit source]

provides us with a sense of potential synergies with other organizations.

What needs does your organization currently have? - weaknesses

What resources do you have that you could offer to other organizations? - strengths

Technology Infrastructure: provides us with a sense of how easy it is to merge your communication and information systems with others.[edit | edit source]

What technology platform(s) support your operation?

What is your primary communication mechanism? Wiki’s, email lists etc. What do you use most and for what purposes?

Collaboration: some details on actual collaboration projects you might be working on[edit | edit source]

Do you have an existing list of related projects?

Have you explored collaborative opportunities with other organizations? If yes, please provide some details (organization, state of discussions etc.) If no, why not?

Are there any internal projects that you are trying to finance? If so, are you willing to collaborate with others on those projects?

Would you be willing to merge your organization with another/others if a joint funding strategy could be developed?

Culture[edit | edit source]

Is collaboration an explicitly stated operating principle within your organization?

Does the organization embrace collaborative decision-making principles?

Is your organization committed to Openness?

  • Open source technology
  • Open flow of information