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Self-determination theory
  1. Provide an overview of Self-Determination Theory (SDT):
    1. Who has heard of it?
    2. What they know about it?
    3. What is the theory for?
    4. Who is it by?
    5. What are the key components?
      1. Autonomy
      2. Competence
      3. Relatedness
  2. Quiz the class a bit further about what it knows about "autonomy" and what might be meant by "autonomy support"?
  3. Watch the 14:05 min. video, Promoting motivation, health, and excellence (Ed Deci, 2012, TEDx) (youtube) and note answers to:
    1. What is autonomy-based motivation?
    2. Why does autonomy-based motivation matter?
    3. How can we facilitate autonomy-based motivation? (e.g., as leaders, managers, teachers, parents)

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