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Topic development - Checklist
  1. Title and sub-title: Use the correct title and sub-title; use sentence casing
  2. Headings: Create a heading structure with 3 to 6 top-level headings between the Overview and Conclusion; may include sub-headings
  3. Overview: Outlining an engaging scenario, key points, and focus questions
  4. Key points: At least 3 dot points per section, covering theory, research, and application
  5. Figure: Display and cite (e.g., see Figure 1) at least one relevant figure with a caption
  6. Learning feature: Include at least one learning feature (case study, embedded wiki links, table, and/or quiz)
  7. References: Provide at least 6 APA style citations and references to key peer-reviewed sources
  8. Resources: Provide at least 2 internal (wiki) links (See also) and at least 2 external links (External links)
  9. User page: Create a Wikiversity user page with information about yourself
  10. Social contribution: Summarise at least 3 types of social contribution on your user page

For more information, see the topic development author guidelines and marking criteria.