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Social contributions

A "social contribution", in the context of motivation and emotion, is an edit or discussion/social media post which in some way directly or indirectly improves the quality of book chapters that other people are working on.

This page provides a brief overview, with links to more detailed information.

Topic development

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  • For the topic development - have you made at least three different types of social contribution and summarised them on your Wikiversity user page?

What are "social contributions”?

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Why social contributions?

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  • Reward student engagement
  • Encourage and support peer feedback
  • Enhance communication skills

How to make social contributions

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Contributions can be made via:

  • Past chapters:
  • Current book chapters
    • Edit and improve the chapter pages
    • Comment and provide feedback on chapter and/or user talk pages
  • UCLearn discussion forum posts e.g., respond to requests for feedback
  • Twitter - use #emot24

Summarising social contributions

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More info

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