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Multimedia presentation recording and hosting platforms
This page lists some possible platforms for creating multimedia presentations. But user beware. Check hosting website terms and conditions (e.g., be careful of trial versions that may later require paid subscription. Also check that the hosting platform allows the presentation to be given a title, a description, and clickable link back to the book chapter.
  1. Public archives
    1. Wikimedia Commons (allows integration with Wikiversity and Wikipedia; requires .ogv open format video)
  2. Slide-hosting with audio track
    1. Prezi
  3. Screencast recording and hosting
    1. Canva
    2. Explee
    3. Jing
    4. Loom
    5. Microsoft Stream
    6. myBrainshark
    7. Powerpoint export to video
    8. Screencastify
    9. Screencast-o-matic
  4. Video recording/hosting/streaming
    1. Ustream
    2. Vimeo
    3. YouTube
      1. How to edit your YouTube videos (, 2018)
      2. YouTube Creator Academy (YouTube)
    4. Other options
  5. Animation
    1. Animotica
    2. Animoto
    3. Moovly
    4. Muvizu
    5. Powtoon
    6. Raw shorts
    7. Other options: