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The Mathematics Portal

Welcome to the Mathematics Portal! This page connects visitors to the learning resources that have been developed by various Wikiversity content development projects. Wikiversity participants who are interested in mathematics are invited to create and develop learning projects and learning resources and help organize them by developing this portal.

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Featured learning resource

Exercises at Introduction to differentiation lead participants through calculations of compound interest that introduce e (2.7182818284590...) and derivatives of functions.


Selected picture

Solutions of the Bessel differential equation.

Bessel functions arise in many mathematical models such as those for vibrating surfaces.

When mathematically analyzing a vibrating drum the boundary conditions lead to solutions that are harmonic functions. When using cylindrical coordinates, the solutions are sines, cosines or Bessel functions (in the radial direction).

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Selected research

Mersenne primes.

Marin Mersenne's name is widely known because of his interest in prime numbers that are one less than a power of two. Mersenne also did research in the area of the theory of music and musical instruments (see Wikipedia). Participants at Mersenne primes are encouraged to join the distributed computing project that allows the computing power of personal computers to help search for Mersenne prime numbers.


Did you know...

The red curve is a cycloid.

The Euler-Lagrange equation of classical mechanics was discovered during attempts to find a curve for which the time taken by a frictionless particle sliding down it under uniform gravity to its lowest point is independent of its starting point.

Did you know that Wikiversity can never have enough examples and solved problems? Wikiversity does not always have to re-create the wheel. Do you know a good website with mathematics example problems? Wikiversity needs branches of the Hunter-gatherers project for each academic subject area. Please make note of good online mathematics resources at Hunter-gatherers/Mathematics and link to these resources from the appropriate mathematics pages of Wikiversity.

Example. Did you know that there is a wiki for mathematics example problems? See www.exampleproblems.com. How do participants in the mathematics area of Wikipedia feel about linking to .com websites?


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Many mathematics-related learning resources are for specific scientific sub-disciplines and can be found with the aid of other Wikiversity portals: Engineering and Technology - Life Sciences - Physical Sciences - Social Sciences - - General Science Portal


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Mathematics-related content development projects exist on pages in "School:" or "Topic:" namespaces.

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Mathematics learning projects

Boolean Algebra - College Algebra - Elementary Logic - Finite Arithmetic - Fourier transforms - Fundamentals of Probability, Statistics, Experiments and Data - Interpolation and Extrapolation - Introduction to Category Theory - Introduction to differentiation - Introduction to Simple Substitution Cypher - Introduction to Likelihood Theory - Introduction to Limits - Introduction to Statistical Analysis - Limits - Partial Derivatives - Simple Addition Flashcards - Study Guide:Lie Algebra - Synthetic division - The Special Cubic Formula - Vectors - 3D Geometric Algebra and Special Relativity - Topic:Calculus - Laboratory on Mathematics and Mathematics Education


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Mathematics news

Graphical representation of a dynamical system.

"Stephen Smale awarded Wolf Prize in mathematics" by Robert Sanders
Stephen Smale, known for his work on Topology, the study of dynamical systems and a list of 18 problems in mathematics to be solved in the 21st century, known as Smale's problems.



"A man provided with paper, pencil, and rubber, and subject to strict discipline, is in effect a universal Turing Machine." -Alan Turing


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