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Life effectiveness is term which refers to the performance of generic personal and social life skills. Related terms include psychological resilience and practical intelligence.

The Life Effectiveness Questionnaire provides a self-report instrument for assessing several purported life effectiveness skills, including:

  1. Time Management
  2. Social Competence
  3. Achievement Motivation
  4. Intellectual Flexibility
  5. Emotional Control
  6. Task Leadership
  7. Active Initiative
  8. Self Confidence

Workshop activity[edit | edit source]

  1. Present and discuss notion of life effectiveness - handout - for more info, see
    1. Related concepts: Practical intelligence, self-concept etc.
    2. Definitions of generic life effectiveness skills
    3. Describe the eight life effectiveness (LEQ-H) dimensions
  2. Present and discuss outdoor education results from
  3. Highlight the general trend of a small drop between pre-program and first day (due to situational threat), the substantial increase during the program (probably inflated by post-group euphoria at program end), and the partial loss of gains during the follow-up period (typical of interventions). Of potential concern is that the 1st day to last day snapshot (typical of many evaluations) may over-estimate the amount of change during the program due to the initial depression and end-of-program euphoria. Thus, longitudinal research with a control group is preferable.

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