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Unit Summary[edit | edit source]

  • Course presentation: Bem vindo Welcome

March 9, 2009. This beautiful language course needs a lot of work. We are all here to help you.

There are two important Portuguese language variations, almost identical: the European Portuguese (used in Portugal), and the Brazilian Portuguese. The European Portuguese is the original Portuguese (since Brazil was first colonized by Portugal more than 500 years ago), but Brazilian Portuguese became more relevant for many reasons: Brazil is now the 8th biggest economy in the world (Wikipedia), its variation is spoken by more than 200 million people, and there is a lot more literature printed in that style.

More books are printed in Brazilian Portuguese not only because of the greater population of Brazil, but also because Portugal is part of Europe, where people tend to learn many languages, so many researchers and readers in Portugal read original books printed in other European languages, like English, French and Spanish, while in Brazil many books are translated by publishers.

There is some debate about this two variations, but we will not encourage that controversy. If I was learning Portuguese I would choose one variation, and don`t worry about the other for now, learning a language is already challenging or as great poet Fernando Pessoa would say: Navegar é preciso.

This issue is no big deal. Wiki editors can contribute with the variation they know best. Both are correct (There is an extensive Policy about the use of Portuguese variations in Wikiversidade: Versões da Língua Portuguesa). We are brothers! Somos irmãos. Have a nice study, we are under development.

  • Suggested Prerequisites:
    • Disciplina Discipline
    • Motivação Motivation
  • Time investment: Vá devagar, estude um pouco todo dia. Go slow, study a little every day.
  • Assessment suggestions: try reading some short paragraphs in Wikiversidade
  • Faculty: Humanities
  • School: School:Language and Literature
  • Department: Topic:Language Acquisition

Main objectives[edit | edit source]

By the end of this course you should be able to invite a girl for dinner, a boy to the movies, to prepare two drinks called caipirinha, and Porto Tônica, and to be easily understood in Portuguese.

Unit materials[edit | edit source]

Texts[edit | edit source]

  • Wikibooks:Portuguese
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