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Unit 4.3-International Regulations 

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Assessment[edit | edit source]

1 Many international business regulation are created by the

Association of Freight Forwarders.
buyer’s local government.
the International Chamber of Commerce.
US Department of Commerce.

2 The Incoterms were created to clearly define

the best method of shipping an order from the seller to the buyer.
when ownership of merchandise passes from the seller to the buyer.
the least risky method of payment the seller should quote the buyer.
how funds will be transferred from the buyer to the seller.

3 The UCP which defines the rights and obligations of banks and businesses involved in documentary transactions is considered

a legal and binding document.
contractual law by the governments.
flexible and adaptable to each transaction.
a guideline for practices.

4 The goal of the WTO is to help

governments maintain control over business.
importers and exporters conduct their business.
smaller companies succeed in international business.
big companies maintain dominance in international business.