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Unit 4.3-International Regulations 

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Unit 4.3-International Regulations

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An international manager should understand the organizations that create international financial regulation. In addition, identifying the various options available in these organizations provides an opportunity to improve chances for timely payment from their buyers.

Unit Objective

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The goal of this material is to introduce you to the regulations published by the ICC governing and affecting methods of payment such as the Incoterms and UCP. By the end of this unit you will be able to:

  • identify the international regulations published by the ICC.
  • recognize the UCP and its affect on methods of payment.
  • recognize the Incoterms and their effect on methods of payment.

Unit Outline

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Correlation: Materials from this unit correlate with NASBITE CGCP's Knowledge Statement 04/04/03: Knowledge of international regulations published by the International Chamber of Commerce (Paris) governing international transactions and methods of payment (e.g., Incoterms, UCP, arbitration, Uniform Rules for Collection)