Funds Remittance

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Unit 4.4-Funds Remittance 

Introduction | Checks | Banker's Drafts | Electronic Funds Transfers | Money Orders | Cash or Bank Notes | Credit Cards | SWIFT | Summary | Resources | Activities | Assessment

Unit 4.4-Funds Remittance[edit | edit source]

The following funds remittance tools are used to move funds between buyers and sellers, they are not methods of payment but can be used in conjunction with various methods of payment.

Unit Objective[edit | edit source]

The goal of this material is to introduce you to the methods by which funds are remitted for payment of international transactions. By the end of this unit you will be able to identify funds and remittance methods, their risks and characteristics.

Unit Outline[edit | edit source]

Correlation: Materials from this unit correlate with NASBITE CGCP's Knowledge Statement 04/04/04: Knowledge of methods of funds remittance (e.g., checks, banker's draft, SWIFT transfer.)