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Under Construction[edit | edit source]

Types of Artifacts[edit | edit source]

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Chocolate comes in diverse shapes and sizes. Similarly, artifacts in ePortfolios can be diverse.

Personal ePortfolios can include, but not limited to the followingː

  • Teaching Statement
  • Art Work
  • Resume
  • Research Papers
  • Certificates

Institutional ePortfolios can includeː

  • Video Interviews
  • Audio Interviews
  • Photo Galleries
  • Project Samples
  • Strategic Plans

How to organize the information?[edit | edit source]

You might have lots of artifacts, so they need to be organized in a nice way. Organizing, structuring, and labeling content in an effective way is an essential part of ePortfolio design and development. Try to keep ePortfolios simple and easy to navigate. Simplicity is the key factor in designing a good ePortfolio.

The contents of the portfolio depend on the purpose and audience of an ePortfolio. You should ask yourself, "What am I trying to show?" "What story am I trying to tell?" "Who is my audience and what do they need to know about me?" "What can they do with my ePortfolio?" [1]

Activity[edit | edit source]

Please read the following statements and find the corresponding answer.


1 "I grew up in New Wilmington, Pennsylvania in a family of five boys. My hometown was full cornfields, Amish buggies, and football fans. I enjoy design and riding horses."

Contact Me
About Me

2 "Central Asian Culture Visual Dictionary (2011-2012) is a pilot project and contains a large collection of images of cultural items, many of which are difficult to describe in an English translation."


3 "Translator (2004-2005). Co-facilitated pre-departure orientation; Translated simultaneously all trip related speeches; Accompanied visitors to and from United States."

Goal Statement

4 "I have often used infrared imaging to collect and analyze data, but I have also worked on multiple projects examining the acute responses and health and performance adaptations to high-intensity interval training, inflammatory responses to exercise, as well as studies investigating environmental physiology."


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  1. Dr. Helen Barrett's Electronic Portfolios.