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Purposes of ePortfolios[edit | edit source]

Personal branding, career preparation, student credential documentation, professional development, monitoring performance, stating a teaching philosophy, and sharing best practices are the most common reasons for creating ePortfolios. Recently institutions started using ePortfolios for accreditation purposes.

According to Mason, Pegler, and Weller (2004)[1] there are three types of ePortfoliosː

  • developmental
  • presentation
  • assessment

ePortfolios in Education[edit | edit source]

ePortfolios are used in different settingsː Students, teachers, and institutions are using them more often. The International Journal of ePortfolio (IJeP) highlights "the study of practices and pedagogies associated with ePortfolio in educational settings".

If you would like to learn more about its use in other settings, please visit

Activity[edit | edit source]

Please read the following statements and find the corresponding answer.


1 "My name is Karen Dickinson. I will be graduating from Indiana University in May of 2015 . I hope to continue my education by pursuing a Masters Degree in Business Administration, and then begin a career in the publishing industry." The purpose of this portfolio is...

Document knowledge, skills, and language learning experience
Find a job
Evaluation of a course
Provide publishing services

2 "My name is Tim Niggle. I am from New York and can speak more than ten languages. I spent a year in Barcelona, Spain with the University of Barcelona. I am fluent in German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Turkish, and Russian. I recently began learning Kurdish. I enjoy learning languages and am actively involved with the Indiana University Turkish Student Association activities." The purpose of this portfolio is...

Plan an educational program
Evaluate a course
Document knowledge, skills, and language learning experience
Provide publishing products

3 "To help keep students engaged, Epsilen allows learners to create a unique ePortfolio, which is available to them for life, and at no cost to the individual user. This lifelong resource allows students to manage their complete educational profile. They can incorporate calendars, wikis, blogs, notes, drop boxes, and other interactive tools. They can also share whatever information they feel is relevant with other educational institutions, or even potential employers. This provides a clear competitive advantage in an ever-increasing competitive marketplace." The purpose of this portfolio is...

Plan an educational program
Evaluate a course
Evaluate a program
Provide teaching and learning products

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