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The Checklist for Strong Learning Design (SLD)


Avoid Boring Training Ask Your Learners To Do Something

Review Your Training Use the Strong Learning Design Checklist

Assess Your Skills

Go Forth! Create Great Training

Motivation for Using the SLD Checklist[edit | edit source]

Why Are You Here?[edit | edit source]

When you are learning something new, would you rather DO something, or read about how to do it? What is the difference between the two? When you are designing instruction, do you want to immerse your learners in a more powerful learning experience?

Since you clicked past the first page of our lesson, we assume that you are interested in learning how to create more powerful instruction for your learners. You are at the right place! When you have completed this 20-minute lesson (we bet you can finish it in 15!) you'll be able to do the following:

  • Given a sample of specific component from a set of training materials, correctly classify that component as either “action-oriented” or an “information dump” as defined in Cathy Moore’s “Checklist for Strong Learning Design.” You will be able to correctly classify 8 out of 10 examples.

But Will I Really Learn Anything Useful?[edit | edit source]

You already have! In this lesson we have already used one of Cathy Moore's strategies for creating action-oriented training materials. Out of respect for learners who come to our lesson with varying levels of ability, we've provided you with a way to navigate through the lesson at your own pace, skipping a section here or there if you feel you already understand the content. Just use the navigation bar on the right. You'll find this strategy and more as we review the SLD Checklist structure.

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