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Now you have basic concept of force field analysis and its representative figures, and you might start wondering about how force field analysis can be used in your organization. Generally force field analysis provides functions of

  • Reducing insufficient specification of variables,
  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses, and
  • Recognizing relation to larger system.

An Example of Using FFA as Motivation Techniques[edit | edit source]

This fragment of the interview conducted by Paul Grantham will provide you an example of how force field analysis is used in the field of psychological intervention.

Context: Talia is a 30 years old asylum seeker presenting with employment problems and low mood. Her motivation for addressing her problems is affected by repeated failure to obtain work. Paul Grantham, a consultant and a clinical psychologist, demonstrates how to bypass issues of resistance to help the client.


In the clip, after having talked about factors driving Talia to seek more works, Paul Grantham tried to find out those factors decreasing Talia’s motivation of working. Obviously, he was using force field analysis to help create personal change on motivation. Now, try to relate this case to your working situation and think about:

  • Have you ever used any strategy similar to force field analysis before? If you have, what was the situation or problem you were encountering?
  • Is there any change happening in your organization that you think force field analysis might be an effective tool?

Summary[edit | edit source]

Now you are almost done with the lesson. The last task for you is to watch a summary video below which will help you review what you have learned during the lesson. In next lesson, you will learn a set of procedures of conducting a force field analysis.


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