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The name tree forests for geographical history are given below, with a separate grove for each continent and one for the oceans and their islands.  These are in the very early stage of development, so only part of one continent is available.

Geographical History[edit]

  This name tree forest provides links to the history of places, history provided by Wikipedia.  The two relevant Wikipedia portals are for Geography  and History  but these are rather overwhelming for mere wanderers.

  The individual trees, the link items of each grove, are in a hierarchy, with a link to the history of the country preceding links to the history of areas and cities within the country.

The Name Tree Groves[edit]

Mediterranean RegionSouth America

  Within each grove the items are simply links with the name of the place displayed and that name linking to the Wikipedia page or component giving the history of the named place.  Where the link is displayed in italics it will not lead to a Wikipedia page that is specific to history.

The Technical Background[edit]

 The templates entabled here were put together in the early stages of the work on this name tree forest.  They may well be useful in other similar forests.