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Topical Forest Templates[edit]

 The templates entabled below are for use in Topical Name Tree Forest list items.

Geographical History[edit]

  The templates described here are used to encode various aspects of the Geographical History items.  Although their names all start with the letters G H and C in upper or lower case, the templates might find a use in other topical forests, or at least suggest useful variations.

Wikipedia Links[edit]

  The following templates are used to provide the items for the various trees.

GHc [[w:{{{1}}}|{{{1}}}]]  GhC [[w:{{{2}}}|{{{1}}}]] 
GHC [[w:{{{1}}}|here]]
GHcA  [[w:History of {{{1}}}|{{{1}}}]]  GHcB  [[w:{{{1}}}#History|{{{1}}}]] 
GHca [[w:History of {{{1}}}|{{{2}}}]]  GHcb [[w:{{{1}}}#History|{{{2}}}]] 
GHcC [[w:{{{1}}}, {{{2}}}#History|{{{1}}}]]  GHcD [[w:{{{1}}} {{{2}}}#History|{{{1}}}]] 
GHcc [[w:{{{1}}}, {{{2}}}#History|{{{2}}}]]  GHcd [[w:{{{1}}} {{{2}}}#History|{{{2}}}]] 
GHCc [[w:{{{1}}} ({{{2}}})#History|{{{1}}}]] 
GHcE [[w:{{{1}}} {{{2}}}|{{{1}}}]]  GHcF [[w:{{{1}}} {{{2}}}|{{{2}}}]] 
GHce [[w:{{{1}}} {{{2}}}#History|{{{1}}}]]:   GHCe [[w:{{{1}}} {{{2}}}|{{{1}}}]]:  
GHcH [[w:{{{1}}}#History and {{{2}}}|{{{1}}}]] 

Internal Branching[edit]

  The following templates are used to provide for movements within groves and between them.  This is needed because the groves are quite large.

GHc1   [[#{{{1}}}|( ⇑ ]] [[#{{{2}}}| ⇑⇑ ]] [[#{{{3}}}| ⇓⇓ ]] [[#{{{4}}}| ⇓ )]] 
GHc2  [[{{{1}}}|here]]