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Topical name tree forests are those which each provide trees for a particular kind of entity.  In a way, they are like Wikipedia portals but are much simpler and more focussed.  They can very well used for mere wandering, but are particularly for users who want to wander within a particular area to build up knowledge about that area.

Topical Name Tree Forests[edit]

 A topical name tree forest provides a portal into Wikipedia for a particular topic.  Unlike the primary and secondary name trees, the link lists are not somewhat randomly chosen, but provide complete coverage for the topic.

 At present, only one forest is supplied, and that only partially developed, to illustrate the possibilities.

Geographical History[edit]

 The geographical history forests are described and listed here.  A separate grove is given for each continent or region.

  For each grove, the history links are given by country in alphabetic sequence, with separate links for provinces and cities appended to each country link.