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UNC Treasurer Tasks Instructable[edit | edit source]

This Instructable details all tasks for the UNC Treasurer other than SGA funding and reimbursement which is located here.

Grant Writing Tips & Tricks for UNC HGAPS[edit | edit source]

Pretty much everything done in the grant writing space is in the Google Drive Folder. The Grant Writing 101 presentation covers most of the essentials for what you need to know at an undergrad level. Bigger grants (foundations, institutes, national-level things) should be discussed with the board, and you may not even end up doing the bulk of the work, but smaller grants (community-level, campus/UNC student org grants) are fair game!

The two essential things to keep in mind are to know your audience and to know your mission. If you’re on the HGAPS exec board, you probably already know the mission in far greater depth than most student orgs on UNC’s campus. Knowing your audience will help you pinpoint which projects and/or individuals would make sense to put at the front of the grant. Definitely refer to previous grants in the drive folder for some examples of approaching our projects from different angles (e.g., dissemination-heavy for Wiki, community service-focused for public service grants).

Overseeing the Bank Account[edit | edit source]

  • Once you visit Truist and obtain an HGAPS UNC debit card, you will officially be one of two people in the chapter with access to the bank account, so it is your responsibility to track your spending from that card.
  • Locate the bank account login info on the Usernames and Passwords sheet within the HGAPS Google Drive login (not linked for security)
  • If you have any issues, let Eric know, as his cell phone is linked to the account
  • Check the account periodically (recommended at least once a month, preferably bi-weekly) just to make sure there is no fraudulent activity and to keep track of spending rate
  • Let Eric know of anything unusual
  • Meet with the bank to discuss bank activities as necessary (probably once or twice a year)
  • We are aiming for ~$2,000 per chapter each year but this may vary
  • Any chapter that is making more than 5,000 dollars has implications for their tax status.

Ordering Food![edit | edit source]

  • Download the Honey browser extension to check for coupons
  • Make sure you have the card handy - I have never been asked for the card directly, but it is good practice to have it on you in case anything goes wrong
  • Make sure that you’re using the correct card and address for HGAPS orders if you also have your personal card on the account you’re using
    • Double check when you checkout from these apps if you save the cards to make sure you do not use the HGAPS card for personal purchases. If you do, accidents happen and it’s not the end of the world, but notify Eric straight away to resolve the issue together

Common Food Orders[edit | edit source]

Dominos (~$100)[edit | edit source]

  • around 6 large pizzas (said to feed 3 to 5 people each) and some kind of side, like wings or bread bites.
  • Make sure you check the coupons page periodically
  • Try to order at least an hour before the meeting to ensure it will arrive by meeting time and schedule it for 15 minutes before the meeting.
    • Tip! It’s a big order, and it keeps us on their good side for sure.
    • Also: ask for plates/napkins - they provide them with the order for no additional charge, but normally you have to ask to have them included
  • When you place the order, have it delivered to Davie Hall, as Howell is not easily accessible by car. They normally turn into the parking lot across from Davie (near Davis library).
  • You will likely need one if not two people helping you (ask exec folks to help if they can come early)
  • If you run into any issues with their orders, call them! Their customer service has always been good with us, especially since we’re such a regular customer. The Carrboro location has been bringing HGAPS pizza for years now, they know we bring consistent business.

Jimmy John’s (~140-50)[edit | edit source]

  • Normally 2 platters of minis or boxes are sufficient for a Thursday meeting.
  • Make sure you include veggie options for any vegetarian/vegan HGAPers.
    • Pickles are also pretty good and Eric-approved/endorsed
  • Not super expensive, but you should save JJ for when you need to change things up (about once per semester).

Other delivery services[edit | edit source]

Keep deliveries through third-party services like Doordash and UberEats to a minimum as

a) the timing can be very inconsistent

b) they normally come with additional fees

c) most places it’s more difficult to place bulk orders

Places like Spicy 9, Mint, and Moe’s were fan-favorites with the exec meetings, and budget-permitting can be a nice option for those smaller meetings