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HGAPS New for Fall 2022: HGAPS and Psychology Conferences
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HGAPS is finding new ways to make psychological science conferences more accessible!

Here are examples from APA 2022 and the JCCAP Future Directions Forum. Coming soon... ABCT!
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HGAPS General Roles[edit | edit source]

Below are suggested roles for HGAPS National Chapters. Not all roles must be included in a specific chapter’s infrastructure, but the below is modeled off UNC’s National Chapter.

Role Description Responsibilities
Faculty Advisor Must be a full-time faculty or staff member. The Advisor does not have the right to vote. The Advisor will be given the position of one of the primary contacts for the University. The Advisor will serve until they abdicate.
  • Ensure the chapter is running smoothly
  • Support the executive team
  • Fill out the advisor form at the start of the school year
President The President is responsible for overseeing all of the club’s activities. They will make sure the club meets and holds events (fundraisers, trips, etc.) regularly throughout the semester and will help come up with ideas for psychology related events and activities club members can participate in.
  • Start and run every general body meeting
  • Oversee club activities
  • Create Mingenda 24 hours before exec meetings
  • Ensure club meets and holds events
  • Host the zoom for meetings
  • Brainstorm for psych-related events
  • Send out slack and luma messages before every meeting (24 hours before)
  • Check the UNC Exec HGAPS email
  • Make sure you complete the officer orientation in the beginning of the school year
  • Fill out annual reports for the organization
  • Update Student Life with members that pay dues
  • Recruit new members (the President is helped by other people on exec, but they lead recruitment; Presidnet should organize these tasks: FallFest; plan cube painting; plan classroom visits; pit sit)
  • Go to as many Mental Health Coalition meetings as possible
Past-President The Past-President will act as an advisor to both the President and President-Elect. They will be on the executive board and participate in voting.
  • Advisor to President
  • Participate in voting
  • Recruit new members
  • Advising based on tradition and understanding history of HGAPS
  • Review executive/staff
  • Help plan meetings and organize projects
  • Spend time future-proofing HGAPS
  • Order t-shirts and gear
  • Update the HGAPS Wikiversity page semesterly so it reflects the right information
  • Transfer Heel Life roles to new exec team
Secretary The Secretary will be responsible for checking in members and taking attendance at every meeting. They will take minutes during executive meetings and check the HGAPS gmail account, replying to inquiries or forwarding relevant messages to the appropriate individuals for a response.
  • Recruit new members (FallFest, plan cube painting, plan classroom visits, pit sit)
  • Check-in members and take attendance at every meeting
  • Taking minutes for executive meetings
  • Check HGAPS gmail weekly
  • Add wiki usernames for everyone in the club to the HGAPS wiki user group
Treasurer The Treasurer will monitor funds. The Treasurer is a member of the Executive Board. They will ensure each member pays their club dues and handle all finances for merchandise and all other activities. The Treasurer will also be responsible for seeking financial aid from the University as appropriate.
  • Monitor funds/plan budget via QuickBooks
  • Ensure members pay dues
  • Handle all finances for merch and other activities
  • Seek financial aid from University and from outside organizations as appropriate
  • Order food for meetings
  • Attend executive meetings
  • Attend the officer orientation in the beginning of the school year
  • Make budget
  • File tax return (once every year) 990N (via IRS in May)
  • Complete the Treasurer's Test required of UNC student orgs
  • Apply for Undergrad Senate Finance Funding and make the in-person pitch
  • Submit senate finance appropriations
  • Read and approve project proposals for funding with the exec board
Social Chair The Social Media Chair will be responsible for creating, updating, and editing HGAPS social media platforms including: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This is an elected position, though it is not part of the Executive Board.
  • Create new social media platforms as applicable
  • Update platforms regularly. As an organization focused on dissemination, an active social media presence is necessary
  • Twitter should be used for an academic audience, and a way to disseminate infographics and wiki links, etc.
  • Instagram should be used for our club to disseminate to mostly a student/UNC audience to up our presence on campus and a mental health resource
  • Facebook has not been used as frequently, but that should change
  • The Weebly website must be updated periodically. This is necessary, otherwise our website will not look professional. It functions as the hub for all of our resources and updates
  • Organize group pictures and put on the website
  • Take pictures at events and meetings and put them on the website and social media
  • Add Fall Fest/Small Fest names to Google Groups listserv
  • Draft and send emails for recruitment to popular listservs
  • Draft and send emails for events to popular listservs.
Graduate Student Advisor(s) The graduate student advisors will assist the faculty advisor and executive committee members in leading teams and facilitating projects as needed.
  • Participate in HGAPS meetings as requested depending on involvement in specific projects
  • Advise chapter executive board as needed
  • Recruit members for projects as needed
  • Assist in HGAPS educational activities, e.g., how to submit grants or draft posters
  • Assist with posters & presentations at conferences