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Linking Zip Files on Wiki[edit | edit source]

This allows you to link not just to PDFs, but whole folders in one link on Wikipedia and Wikiversity

To create a link that immediately downloads as a zip file[edit | edit source]

  • Navigate to the folder to which you would like to link
  • Download the folder you want to link to as a zip file by clicking button “download as zip”
  • Reupload the folder you just downloaded as a zip file
  • Click on the zip file so that you can see the contents (the contents should not be clickable files, but rather just the file names)
  • Click on the “View” button at the top right of your screen
  • Right click on the blue square under the download column
  • Select “copy link address”
    • This is the link you can link to in Wikipedia that, when you click it, will make the file immediately download as a zip file