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It is understandable to feel hopeless right now. Below are some important resources you can use to improve mental health and find relief. If you are having thoughts of suicide please seek help. Please know you are not alone. There is help.
Link to Suicide Resources:

~ National suicide hotline 24/7: 1-800-273-8255 ~ Crisis Textline 24/7: Text HOME to 741741 ~
~ Coping With Suicidal Thoughts ~ Suicide Prevention in Schools ~

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SOP for the UNC Executive Board[edit | edit source]

So you’ve been elected- congratulations! Now you’ve got some work to do. This guide will be helpful for understanding how the UNC executive board of HGAPS functions as a whole as well as how your specific position fits in with the overall vision of the club.

Table of Contents[edit | edit source]

Table of Contents 1

What to Do Now That I’m Elected? 2

Specific Positions 3

Past President 3

President 3

Secretary 4

Social Media Chair 6

Treasurer 7

A Year in the Life of HGAPS 8

Helpful Documents and Tools for Exec 10

Passwords and usernames for everything HGAPS uses: 10

Core Values and Pillars of HGAPS 10

How to Set-Up an Outreach Team 10

How to Recruit New Members 10

HGAPS National Overview 10

UNC Chapter Organization Examples 10

Financial & Nonprofit Status Information 11

Executive Member Graduation 11

What to Do Now That I’m Elected?[edit | edit source]

Okay, so you’ve been elected. However, that does not mean that all power immediately shifts to you. Ideally, there should be an agreed-upon, designated day when the old exec board transfers power to the new exec board. You may be able to sit in on meetings and observe before this point, but there will be a specific day when you assume responsibility for your new role.

You also need to make sure the following things happen:

  • You get access to the HGAPS drive
  • You get into the HGAPS exec communication group (e.g. Group Me, WhatsApp, Slack)
  • You are added to the exec team on Heel Life
  • You fully understand the position you are signed up for, the various responsibilities, and when over the course of the year you need to fulfill those specific duties (see section below for this information). This may require you speaking with the person who previously filled your position for clarification
  • You read this document in full to understand the basics about being an exec member
  • You attend the last wrap-up meeting of the semester (usually during finals) where old exec members meet the incumbent members and orientation happens. This is your time to ask questions and make sure all of the above tasks are done and below information makes sense

Specific Positions[edit | edit source]

Past President[edit | edit source]

The Past-President will act as an advisor to both the

President and President-Elect. They will be on the executive

board and participate in voting.

  • Advise President
  • Participate in voting
  • Recruit new members
  • Advise based on tradition and understanding history of HGAPS
  • Review executive board/staff
  • Help plan meetings and organize projects
  • Spend time future-proofing HGAPS
  • Order t-shirts and gear
  • Update the HGAPS Wikiversity page semesterly so it reflects the right information
  • Transfer heel life roles to new exec team

President[edit | edit source]

The President is responsible for overseeing

all of the club’s activities. He or she will make

sure the club meets and holds events

(fundraisers, trips, etc.) regularly throughout the semester and will help come up with ideas for

psychology-related events and activities

club members can participate in.

  • Start and run every general body meeting
  • Oversee club activities
  • Create Mingenda 24 hours before exec meetings
  • Ensure club meets and holds events
  • Brainstorm for psych-related events
  • Send out listservs and GoogleGroup messages before every meeting (24 hours before)
  • Check the UNC HGAPS email
  • Make sure you attend the officer orientation in the beginning of the school year
  • Fill out annual reports for the organization. If you are properly signed up as the officiating president in Heel Life, you should receive the email from student government, so keep track of your email for this.
  • Go to as many Mental Health Coalition meetings as possible
  • Recruit new members (you will be helped by other people on exec, but you are the lead on recruitment; you should organize these tasks:FallFest; plan cube painting; plan classroom visits; pit sit)
  • Email Tamsen Foote to reserve room for HGAPS every year. Our Howell room 205 reservation does not carry over year to year. You have to reserve it every semester early on

Secretary[edit | edit source]

The Secretary will be responsible for checking in members and taking attendance at every meeting. They will take minutes during executive meetings and check the HGAPS gmail account, replying to inquiries or forwarding relevant messages to the appropriate individuals for a response.
  • Assist President and Past President in recruiting new members (FallFest; plan cube painting; plan classroom visits; pit sit)
  • Ideas for recruiting could be putting up infographics around campus or asking professors to advertise HGAPS before their lecture begins (a lot of intro classes will be good for this like PSYCH 101, 210, 270, etc.)
  • Check-in members and take attendance at every meeting
  • There are several ways to do this, past methods have been manually taking attendance; however, this may become more difficult if the club becomes larger and you don’t know everyone’s names.
  • The current method is to use Poll Everywhere. To do this, you can login with your UNC account and create a presenter username that club members can use in order to answer a weekly poll for attendance. You can also create groups for questions. I have all HGAPS polls for each week compiled into one group that you can see the questions, people who responded, and what their response was. This can be very useful for asking interest questions of the club (i.e. who is interested in working on x project)
  • After taking attendance, you can quickly export the list of who responded into an excel document to track each person’s attendance over the course of the semester. This is essentially important for elections and voting rights. There is a link below to an attendance tracking template that can be found in the drive. In this excel, you can enter a 1 for someone who attended, or an E for an excused absence, or nothing for an unexcused absence. Then by taking the total meetings they attended, you can calculate their attendance percentage (to determine if someone can vote or run for exec). You can also use this spreadsheet for tracking who has voted and who has paid their dues.
  • Taking minutes for executive meetings
  • The mingenda will be generated each week by the president or past president for a division of responsibility. The topics to be discussed will be on the left hand side of the document and you can take notes for what decisions were made/what was discussed on the right hand side of the document. Think of this as taking class notes, be as thorough as possible as this will allow anyone who wants to go back and read over the notes the ability to understand what was discussed.
  • Check HGAPS gmail weekly
  • Make sure that the HGAPS email is checked regularly so that you can alert the rest of the exec group to inquiries or concerns as well as respond promptly.

Social Media Chair[edit | edit source]

The Social Media Chair will be responsible for creating,

updating, and editing HGAPS social media platforms

including: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This is an elected position, though it is not part of the Executive Board.

  • Creating new social media platforms as applicable.
  • Update platforms regularly. We must have an active social media presence because we are an organization focused on dissemination.
    • You are in charge of creating content for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram platforms. You can do this by disseminating the content that HGAPS creates (infographics, wiki pages, etc.), doing member spotlights, doing updates about projects.
    • Pay attention to specific themed months (e.g. sexual assault awareness month, suicide awareness month, international mental health awareness day) and create themed content for this.
    • You can use members of HGAPS to help feed you content, but YOU are the water carrier for putting the content onto different platforms and organizing the content coming in to you.
    • Twitter should be used for an academic audience, and a way to disseminate infographics and wiki links, etc.
    • Instagram should be used for our club to disseminate to mostly a student/UNC audience to up our presence on campus and as a mental health resource.
    • Facebook has not been used by us as frequently, but that should change.
    • The weebly website, particularly the UNC club page and impact page, must be updated regularly. You must do this, otherwise our website will not look professional. It functions as the hub for all of our resources and updates.
  • Brainstorm and implement new ways to further the reach of HGAPS’s products over social media (e.g. promoted content using GoogleForNonprofits or the various social media platform’s mechanisms).
  • Organize group pictures. These group pictures will be put on the website.
  • Take pictures at events and meetings. These pictures will be put on the website and social media.
  • Add fall fest names to google groups listserv.
  • Update Student Life with members that pay dues.

Treasurer[edit | edit source]

The Treasurer will monitor funds. The Treasurer is a member

of the Executive Board. He or she will ensure each member pays

their club dues and handle all finances for merchandise and

all other activities. The Treasurer will also be responsible for

seeking financial aid from the University as appropriate.

  • Monitor funds/plan budget via QuickBooks
  • Ensure members pay dues
  • Handle all finances for merch and other activities
  • Seek financial aid from University and from outside organizations as appropriate
  • Order food for meetings
  • Attend executive meetings
  • Make sure you attend the officer orientation in the beginning of the school year
  • Make budget
  • File tax return (once every year) 990N (via IRS in May)
  • Complete the Treasurer's Test required of UNC student orgs
  • Apply for Undergrad Senate Finance Funding and make the in-person pitch
  • Submit senate finance appropriations
  • Read and approve project proposals for funding with the exec board

A Year in the Life of HGAPS[edit | edit source]

Month Event Water Carrier Comments
May Officer transition & orientation Most experienced exec member (likely past-president)
UNC Fall Fest registration! New President
NCPA Conference
File tax return (once every year) 990N (via IRS) Done by the treasurer with the help of faculty advisor.
New Past-President should fill out the year wrap-up report forms from student government. This involves changing the roles for officers for the upcoming year. This must be done before the school year ends. The notification will come to the old-president’s (the new past-president) email, so be attentive for this.
Semester ends
June Summer projects
FDF conference
July Summer projects
August Wrap up summer; email club members about fall
APA convention
Update and submit funding requests to the Student Senate (due ~FDoC!) Treasurer Got approved for $4000 last time; Ishan & Hannah wrote proposal
Fall fest President
Reserve room for HGAPS in Howell or Davie
September First meeting of the semester is usually the second week of school to give enough time for recruiting new members. Recruitment continues usually to the end of September.
The President and Treasurer go to the new officer introduction.
If you choose to create an outreach team, you should do elections for these positions at this time.
Update the HGAPS website to reflect this year’s objectives

Update the HGAPS the wikiversity to reflect this year’s objectives.


Social Media Chair

October Collect dues at the beginning of October. Usually $12 per semester or $20 per year.
November ABCT
December End of semester; holidays
January Update and submit funding requests to the Student Senate (due ~FDoC!) Treasurer Got approved for $4000 last time; Ishan & Hannah wrote proposal
MICMAH is usually in late Jan or early Feb.
Feb T-shirts and merch ordered now.
March Officer elections for the following year should occur directly before or after spring break in order to give enough time for transition of power before summer.
April Club pictures taken.