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Here are examples from APA 2022 and the JCCAP Future Directions Forum. Coming soon... ABCT!
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SOP for the UNC Executive Board[edit | edit source]

So you’ve been elected—congratulations! Now you’ve got some work to do. This guide will be helpful for understanding how the UNC executive board of HGAPS functions as a whole as well as how your specific position fits in with the overall vision of the club. This guide details the roles and responsibilities of the executive board broken down into specific roles and provides a timeline of tasks and events throughout the year.

What to Do Now That I’m Elected?[edit | edit source]

Okay, so you’ve been elected. However, that does not mean that all power immediately shifts to you. Ideally, there should be an agreed-upon, designated day when the old executive board transfers power to the new executive board. You may be able to sit in on meetings and observe before this point, but there will be a specific day when you assume responsibility for your new role.

You also need to make sure the following things happen:

  • You get access to the HGAPS drive.
  • You get into the HGAPS exec communication group (e.g. Slack).
  • You are added to the exec team on Heel Life.
  • You fully understand the position you are signed up for, the various responsibilities, and when over the course of the year you need to fulfill those specific duties (see section below for this information). This may require you speaking with the person who previously filled your position for clarification.
  • You read this document in full to understand the basics about being an exec member.
  • You attend the last wrap-up meeting of the semester (usually during finals) where old exec members meet the incumbent members for orientation . This is your time to ask questions. Before then, make sure all of the above tasks are done and information below makes sense.

Tasks for Heel Life[edit | edit source]

  • Here is an Instructable for all of the start of the year tasks with Heel Life.

Specific Positions[edit | edit source]

Specific Executive position roles and responsibilities can be found by clicking the link.

A Year in the Life of HGAPS[edit | edit source]

Month Event Water Carrier Comments
NCPA Conference link to organization webpage
May Officer transition & orientation Most experienced exec member (likely Past-President) This includes orienting the new exec members to the SOPs, the bylaws, switching over emails and bank accounts, switching over primary contact and heellife roles, and going over roles/responsibilities. New executive members will sit in on the existing meetings for the rest of year.
UNC Fall Fest registration! New President link for carolina union info
New Past-President should fill out the year wrap-up report forms from student government. Past-President The notification for the year end report will come to the old-President’s (the new Past-President's) email, so be attentive for this (examples)This involves changing the roles for officers for the upcoming year. This must be done before the school year ends.
Update by-laws and upload them to Heel Life Past-President previous by-laws
Semester ends
June Summer projects
FDF conference link to website and conference information
July Summer projects
Plan Speaker Series President, Treasurer, Social Media
August Wrap up summer; email/slack club members about fall Secretary Welcome returning members back. Notify members of the first meeting and any new updates from the summer or for the semester/year.
APA convention
Re-register HGAPS as a UNC student organization Past-President and Faculty advisor Link to heel life instructions Faculty advisor form Start of the Year instructable
Go through Heel Life orientation and pass the President's and Treasurer's test President and Treasurer Start of the year Instructable; Orientation link will be active 8/15.
Update and submit funding requests to the Student Senate (Have it done the by the first weekend of August to be ready for the quick opening and closing of the portal). Start checking your email for information about the portal the second weekend in August. Treasurer UNC SGA funding info page; Got approved for $4000 to $9000 per semester from 2019-2022; SOP (go to the Steps for UGA Funding)
Update the organization's Primary Contact in HeelLife. In the past, this has been the President. President
Make sure that all links (e.g., to Zoom) are updated in both the Slack and the Thursday working document. President
Host the first HGAPS meeting of the semester President The first Thursday of the semester is usually a meeting for current/returning members only. New members may start joining working meetings after attending an orientation meeting.
Start recruitment and review/update recruitment materials Everyone link to recruitment SOP
Register for FallFest and SmallFest (information will be emailed to the organization's Primary Contact prior to the beginning of the semester) President link to Carolina Union info
New member orientation meetings are usually held the week following Smallfest Everyone In the past, we have used a "rolling recruitment" model, wherein we hold multiple interest meetings several weeks in a row, prospective members may choose which meeting they attend. New members are strongly encouraged to attend an orientation meeting prior to attending a full HGAPS meeting.
Reserve room for HGAPS in Howell or Davie Hall. President This can be done by sending an email to the Department of Psychology's Assistant Department Manager (Currently: Christopher Coffey - For the past few years, we have reserved Howell 205.
Re-Register HGAPS club with HeelLife. President Sign-off from the Faculty Sponsor is required, so it is a good idea to have a meeting with them around this time. Link to HeelLife
September Update the HGAPS website to reflect this year’s projects. President
Update the HGAPS wikiversity to reflect this year’s executives and events. Social Media Chair
October Collect dues at the beginning of October. in the past they have been usually $12 per semester or $20 per year.
November ABCT
December End of semester; holidays
January Update and submit funding requests to the Student Senate (due ~FDoC!) Treasurer
Hold Spring Recruitment and orient new members Everyone link to recruitment SOP; See 'August' for more information on orientation.
MICMAH is usually in late Jan or early Feb. link to the conference
Feb T-shirts and merch ordered now. Treasurer We have used bonfire in the past.
March Officer elections for the following year should occur directly before or after spring break in order to give enough time for transition of power before summer. We have used qualtrics. Ask the Faculty Advisor for a template.
April Club pictures taken. Social Media
Submit Student Senate Funding reinbursements Treasurer