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Balle au tamis
Chapter 8
Lesson : Games of gain-ground
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Games of gain-ground

The Balle au tamis or also Balle au tambour is a team sport bringing into conflict two teams of five players on a called ground ballodrome.

The tambour, it is this wooden shell in the aspect of the hoof of a horse, on which is stretched out a cow skin. It is put in the wrist as a leather glove. It allows to send back to an improbable distance a small ball of clay dressed in leather.

the tamis

We have nine players + one livreur on the ground. For the service, le livreur must use the tamis and after hitting the ball without a glove.

The nine players are =

  • les forts de jeu ( the forts of game )
  • les contre-rechasseurs
  • les fonciers ( the thorough players )
  • les basses volées ( the low flight )
  • les cordiers. ( the ropers )

This game is no more played because players prefer the Balle pelote which is similar but without tamis and tambour.

Notes and External links

  • (fr) Fédération des Sociétés de Balle au Tamis , mérrie d' Gamaches, ( Picardy )