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Balle à la main
Chapter 7
Lesson : Games of gain-ground
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Games of gain-ground

The balle à la main (ball with the hand) is a team sport bringing into conflict two teams of seven players on a called ground ballodrome.

This game is practised in Picardy (France).

Playing area ( Ballodrome )[edit | edit source]

ballodrome for the Balle à la main (Division 2)

The size of the ground ( ballodrome ) makes 65 m on 12 m. As all the ballodromes of the games of gain-ground, we find on the ground a line of tir (service) and a corde (rope).

The corde is the line to be overtaken at the time of the service which is made behind the line of tir. The distance between the line of service and the corde changes according to the level of the competition (Division)

Division 1 : 20 meters
Division 2 : 18 meters
Division 3 : 16 meters
Shirt of the team of Aubigny (Somme - Picardy)

Rules[edit | edit source]

The ball is made with a lead core, surrounded with wool and covered with leather. The diameter is about 4,2 cm with a weight of about 43 g.

The game takes place according to the rules of the games of gain-ground with in particular the use of the chasses.

The two teams of seven players are =

  • un foncier,
  • un haute-volée ( one high-volley )
  • deux basses-volées ( two basses-volleys),
  • trois cordiers ( three ropers ).

A minimum of six players is compulsory. We play a naked hand. Points for a game count by "fifteen" (15, 30, 45 and set), with a possible advantage in the tie-break. A match takes place in 7 sets.

The ball "outre" is a ball delivered or struck beyond the bottom of the opposite camp. The team wins then fifteen.

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