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This school is:
Wikiversity Film School - Narrative film production
This course is:
The basics of narrative filmmaking
This lesson is:
Formatting the script
Pages of this lesson:
Page 1 - Lesson summary & the story
Page 2 - Analyze the story
Page 3 - Learn Final Draft
Page 4 - Type the script
Conclusion - Is it perfect?

Look at real scripts
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Good news and bad news

Some people were very creative. But most people did not master formatting perfectly.

==Creative scripts is good news

Some of the scripts were very creative. But it is hard to be creative and still keep to the original story. Here is the best example from Rick van Veldhuizen (Rick14) who is from the Netherlands. You can download his script at Media:Rick14 Screenplay SBTDS.pdf.

Rick14 Screen shot of script.png

The bad news

With few exceptions, no one did this assignment successfully. Your formatting was not perfect.
Every one of you would have been fired if you did this in Hollywood. Just too many mistakes.
Therefore, you must look at real motion picture scripts and see what you are doing wrong.
Most film schools have libraries of motion picture scripts. Take a look.

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Next, you need to learn about storyboarding, starting with creating thumbnail storyboards.
Your first step is to take the Pop Quiz and then go to the lesson on thumbnail storyboarding Crystal Clear app gimp.png.

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Contact your instructor

Your instructor for this filmmaking class is Robert Elliott. You can email me by clicking here. Crystal Clear app xfmail.png