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This school is:
Wikiversity Film School - Narrative film production
This course is:
The basics of narrative filmmaking
This lesson is:
Formatting the script
Pages of this lesson:
Page 1 - Lesson summary & the story
Page 2 - Analyze the story
Page 3 - Learn Final Draft
Page 4 - Type the script
Conclusion - Is it perfect?

Completed homework assignments
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Formatted Script
Here are all the scripts formatted by students for "Seduced by the Dark Side!"
This is a very simple story and you can follow all the steps until the movie is finished.
If you want to make motion pictures, remember that everything starts with a movie script. The only way that you will be taken seriously in Hollywood is to correctly format your script.
Filmmaking sample formatted script page.png
The formatted scripts from the lesson on "Script Formatting"

Version: The Live-Action Script
Note: The instructions in the lessons are only a guide. Here is an excellent example of creative script formatting. Converting the story into a script can be done with a great amount of originality. Great job, Capt. Mike!
"D" says: I wasn´t sure if could make all this changes in the story but here it goes! (Ps: sorry if the script its not fluid or something but though english its not my native language I wanted to give it a try anyway.)
  • MilesR has completed this assignment (pdf). 10 points. (5 May 2007) Remember to set each line to the correct format. This is very easy in Final Draft.
  • Krishna Datta has completed this assignment (pdf). I used MS Word and converted the script to PDF using a PDF Convertor. I am not able to install the Tool as I am using a restricted Computer where I don't have permission to install any software. I think this will suffice.6 points. (23 July 2007)
  • Astroboi has not completed this assignment (pdf). Please use the free demo of Final Draft to format this script.
  • Igor Popovski has completed this assignment (pdf) using the free Final Draft demo. This was done using a TV format rather than a motion picture. The differences are very interesting. 8 points - (03 November 2007)

Click on the word assignment to see the actual pdf document.

Version: The Animation Script
  • Special Note: This is the first script to get the scene numbering correct!!!!
  • Special Note: This is the second script to get the scene numbering correct!!!!

Unique scripts

Completed assignment - Script formatting

June 3, 2010 -- Macurik has formatted the script with Free Final Draft 8. You can download it at Media:Macurik_Seduced by the dark side.pdf. xxx


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This was just a quick lesson for you to learn about formatting a script.
Still, when you go to Hollywood, people will expect you to format a script perfectly.
Therefore, you should read this next page.

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